Write A Essay On A Public Festival

Previous year Independence Day was celebrated in our college with great pomp and splendour, The school building was tastefully decorated with flags and festoons. We flocked in great number to the college as soon as the day broke. We assembled in the school compound and stood there in rows till our principal arrived. He hoisted the national flag amidst deafening shouts of "Bandemataram'. We then saluted the national flag at the command of our NCC officer.
Write a essay on a public festival
The guardians of students and the elite of the town were invited to the function. The Mayor of Calcutta Corporation invited to the function. The Mayor of Calcutta Corporation was in our midst as the chief guest. The national song was sung in a chorus and the city father delivered a neat little speech. The function over, all the gentlemen present were treated to sweets. After the invited guests had left, the students present went to different class-rooms and took sweet-meats to their hearts content. The secretary of the college was all along present among the students to encourage them.

In the afternoon we came back to the college premises, as a public meeting was arranged to be held in the big college hall. The Vice-Chancellor of the Calcutta University presided over the function. Many educated gentlemen addressed the meeting. They discussed the present position of India and her relation with the other countries of the world. The President gave a nice talk in course of which he commented upon the commendable features of the foregoing speeches. The meeting came to a close at 5 p.m.

In the evening we illuminated the building with electric lights of various colours. A life-size photo of Mahatma Gandhi encircled by multi-coloured light made a grand sight. The college building too assumed a wonderful beauty in the darkness of the night. Then began our variety programme. Some of us recited poems from Tagore. One of us treated the spectators to a magic show. I sang the concluding song before the function came to an end at 8 p.m.

Thus we passed Independence Day through a happy programme of joyful activities.