Essay On Ragging A Curse In Educational Institution

A hateful, puzzling and savageous incident has been a common feature in the most of the leading institutions. It is a word that has virtually plotted a violent assault in our educational, social and legal spheres of life.
Essay On Ragging A Curse In Educational Institution
The meaning of ragging is 'an outburst of organised horseplay, usually in defiance of authority'. The literal meaning to rag is 'to banter' to assail or beset with questions chaff horseplay etc. Actually to play rough or practical jokes on somebody and torture even to death in this way is the modern ragging. It has now become a common academic tradition specially in engineering or technical leading institution such a diabolical proportion has made the good students fear to join such institutions even the guardians are also anxious or afraid of such demonic that may tell upon the tender-aged students.

Ragging has become a social vice now-a-days. It has become a part of the college or university campus. The senior boys and girls of the Engineering and Medical Colleges find it a typical pleasure to torment and tease the new comers or the freshers. They enjoy others being taunted and physically abused. Sometimes the tortures cross all limits of reason and sense and become inhuman.

It goes to the extent of inhuman activities like making fresher naked and give him or her cigarettes burns, compel the fresher to take alcohol. pour chilled freezing water on his body at wintry night and such other physical and mental tortures. The death news of students of educational institutions due to severe form of ragging has been publicized in newspaper but to no effect.

Those who are in favour of ragging argue that the ragging is merely fun or practical joke, a sort of freshers welcome. It is just to make the freshers practical minded and to make them accustomed with the new environment and get smart. In a word the main object is to make the freshers get rid of their shyness and unwillingness to speak or join in activities with others.

There are many students who boast now they withstood ragging. But that is not the right way to tackle the issue. We have heard of many students who have left their study for fear of inhuman physical as well as mental tortures. Many a student has died, several injured and indisposed owing to severe type of ragging. The menace also spills over to school premises, tainting the minds of the young at the formative stage. Strict laws should be enacted and enforced against ragging. It is true, however, that until and unless a total awareness is achieved from all corners against this social crime, no solution is possible.