Short Essay On Biological Scientist JBS Haldane

John Burdon Sanderson Haldane was one of the foremost biologists of his time. He was born at Oxford in England. He was educated in Eton and Cambridge universities. His subjects of study were genetics, evolu Write A Short Essay On JBS Haldane tionism and anatomy. He was especially renowned for his pioneering work in genetics, the application of mathematics to biology and the popularization of science. In the thirties of the 20th century when the Jews were killed and many Jews fled from Germany during Hitler's rule, Haldane helped many Jewish scientists to get job in Britain. He was left-minded and so he was not allowed to broadcast his view on the causes of war in 1934. As a protest H. G. Wells also stopped his scheduled programme in radio.
Short essay on Biological Scientist JBS Haldane
Haldane was the member of the communist party of Great Britain. He worked as the chief editor of the "Workers' Daily". He published 'Science for Worker', a series of popular science in that daily. During the civil war in Spain he advised the Spanish Government to use gas mask in Spain. He had also been at war for some time. 'Possible Worlds' (1927) is his best well-known collection of scientific essays for the general readers.

In 1956 Haldane left England for ever as a protest against. 'Suez' issue and mass killing at Port Syed and gave up all relations with England and accepted Indian citizenship. He settled in India in 1957 and worked here for the remainder of his life. In India he worked at first at the Statistical Institute of India and later at Biochemistry Institute at Bhubaneswar.

In 1963 Haldane was attacked with cancer and went to London for treatment. At his death-bed he wrote a humorous poem which was published in the News Statesman there. In 1964 Haldane died at Bhubaneswar. According to his will his dead body was sent to Rangaraiya Medical College for the research work in medical science.

The main works of Haldane are Animal Biology, Daedalus, The Inequality of Man, The Causes of Evolution, The Marxist Philosophy and the Sciences, The Biochemistry of Genetics. Selected Genetic Papers of J.B.S. Haldane, ed. by Krishna R. Dronamraju, was published in 1990.