Essay On Atoms For Peace In English

Science has bcen condemned for having invented the atomic bombs which have been designated as a great enemy of civilization. But today, science is out to wipe off its stigma and redeem its lost reputation. "Atoms for peace" is the new slogan which it has raised now, and this provides a complete switch-over from mass-annihilation to mass-amelioration - thus offering the only silverlining to the otherwise dark cloud of fear, helplessness and despair produced by the devastating and catastrophic power of atomic weapons.
Essay On Atoms For Peace In English
The harnessing of atomic energy for the benefit of mankind is no longer an idle dream but a bare fact. In the next few years, it might usher in an era of plenty and prosperity which will ultimately culminate in eliminating one of the major causes of strife amongst nations and thereby ensure world peace.

Wonderful progress has been achieved with the use of radio-isotopes in the field of agriculture. By subjecting seeds and plants to direct radiation, manifold increase in the field of crops has been achieved. It has been possible to preserve food in bulk against famine by radiation effect. Radiation is also being widely employed by agriculturists to develop new strains of plants and to eradicate plant diseases and pests.

Atomic power can be used to turn vast waste lands of the world into fit places from human habitation. It can be used to pump water for irrigating vast stretches of deserts and transform them into smiling fields, and to air-condition tropical countries and Arctic regions, - thus providing new living space for the world's growing and swelling population. With the help of atomic energy, scientists are busy in making artificial food-tablets which will act as potent foods for man.

Isotopes are also being used for studying the working of animal and plant protoplasm. The radio-isotope of carbon helps in the study of milk secretion in cows, reproduction in all animals, and the growth of wool or sheep. Radio active cobalt included in vitamin B helps to show how this vitamin makes sheep grow faster and faster.

Thus, the mind virtually staggers at the vast possibilities in which atomic energy can be profitably harnessed and it is hoped that the very face of our world will be transformed by this wonderful gift of scientists which will provide men with unprecedented pleasure and leisure. Indeed science has brought us to a point from where no return is possible. We have to choose and the choice lies between complete annihilation of the human species and heavenly living on earth.