Lack of historic elements of ancient India and quality

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- Monday, October 29, 2018
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Lack or Crisis of historical elements of ancient India and quality:

Introduction :

The interest of people to know about the past is always. And the past is the subject of history. Although not all past events are history. The information that historical historians depend on, for all those facts, is the history material. Since ancient times, there are elements to carefully understand the life patterns of human beings, historians use history. They carefully analyze those facts. Based on their analyzed data, the quality of history depends on them. But the history of Indian history was not at all.

Explanation of the lack or Crisis of historical material :

European scholars believe that in ancient times there was a lack of talent in the history of consciousness and history among Indians. According to Herodotus, Thukididis, Polibius, Tasitsas in India, in the ancient times, no real historian was born. As a result, there is no direct history of the ancient period of India's history. The prevalence of this book from the time of Christianity until the 11th century was that the idea of ​​this book was created. Nobody has made any ancient history of scientific history. According to historian Keith, there was no foreign attack in India before Christ's birth. For this reason, there was no development of national consciousness among the Indians, who could resort to national history. Though there was a persistent attack, there was no deep impact on India. It is not possible for Indians to write proper history due to the absence of knowledge of fame and true history. However, the concept of earthly and humanistic history of ancient India could not be developed.

Lack or Crisis of Indian history :

History is the second reason for the lack of consciousness, because of the reluctance of Indian mind about worldly matters. Religion Impact Spiritual Thoughts India has always been dominant in India. As a result, Indian mind never became desperate to make any efforts of this life worthwhile. Therefore, the only theme of the ancient pants of the province was the worship of goddesses, a kind of humble mentality, and their devotion to the history of India, due to lack of history and history, lack of knowledge. Due to lack of written records of ancient India, past events and stories were handed over to the oral process in the usual rules. The high quality history of Kashmir and Sri Lanka was written because of them the intense nationalism. Contact with history conscious nations. The presence of Buddhist religion with more history, etc.

Assessment of ancient India's history studies :

However, the lack of a basic history text written in ancient times for ancient India is a historical fact. In this way, the work of writing history has made it difficult, very difficult, but it has not been impossible. From the history-mythology, the history of state and state systems is available in different parts of ancient India. Its value is not low. Historical works of ancient India also provide many reliable information. There is no way to totally deny the traditions of ancient Indian epics. There is no doubt that ancient India was backward in writing the history of the history. Puranas and Vedic literature are not as easy as Greek-Roman, even Islamic history. Historical myths can be found to have a vague idea about human life and culture. Again, this essay is completely religious, folklore, fairytale and divine dependence history. Because the historians have energetic efforts to collect and establish historical information from other elements. It has been attempted to reconstruct the history of ancient India from the various ancient books of ancient times that were composed and read indirectly and indirectly.
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