Emperor Ashoka Maurya and Kalinga War

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- Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Emperor, King, Samrat Ashoka Maurya Biography, Childhood, Achievement, Facts and Kalinga War :

Elements of Emperor Ashoka Maurya History :

After the death of Bindusara, his son Ashoka sat on the throne of Magadha. Many inscriptions and Edicts inscribed on his orders in different parts of India and Afghanistan have been discovered. Although primarily used in Prakrit edicts, Greek and Aramaic scripts were also used in these Edicts. From these, it is known of his reign, his rule, his faith, his preaching and his family life. Two books written in Pali Mahavamsa and Dipavamsa and Buddhist books written in Sanskrit The Divyavadana.

Emperor Ashoka's got his Early life and Setup Throne :

According to the legend of the north India, the princess princess 'Subhadrangi' was Ashoka mother. According to the South Indian legend, his mother name was Dharma.

At the age of 18, Bindusara appointed him the Ujjwaini Governor. Ashok suppressed the rebellion of Takshila, he became the governor of Takshila. This time he married Maha Devi.

When the news of Bindusara sickness spread, bloody conflicts began to take place between his sons and the throne. According to Buddhism, Bindusara wife was 16 and the number of sons was 101. Asoka's defeated his brothers and captured the throne. Found in Singhalese books, he killed 98 of his brothers. For this, he has been called 'Chandashoke'. He received the throne in 273 BC. But his emperor was Appointed as early as 269 BC. The throne is in conflict with his brother Susima. Ashoka was given royal military training.

Maurya Emperor Ashoka's Kalinga War Reason :

The Kalinga war was organized in 261 BC, When Emperor Ashoka's attacked Kalinga. Ashoka's conducted the operation twelve years after set throne. The main cause of the Kalinga war is the main reason.(1) During the Nanda dynasty, Kalinga was under Magadha. During the time of Chandragupta, Kalinga declared independence. Bindusara joined the kings of Kalinga State Chola and Pandav when they went on a war against Chola in southern India. Consequently, Bindusara was defeated. Ashoka kalinga attacked for taking revenge. (2) The Kalinga kingdom became strong in the military day by day. As a result, Ashok attacked Kalinga for the protection of his state.(3) Romila Thapar said that the Kalinga kingdom controlled the waterways and land routes to the south of South India. Kalinga was the main obstacle in the way of communicating with Magadha in southern India. Therefore, for the sake of their own business interests, Kalinga was essential for Magadha. (4) The Marine Trade of Magadha, then Tamralipta, was expanded in Brahmadesa, Sumatra, Java In the region  by the way of the Bay of Bengal.

Emperor Ashoka's Kalinga War Importance or The result:

Ashoka's inscription and Edicts XIII provides details of the Kalinga war. Many animals, birds, and people die in this war. He won the Kalinga kingdom and Puri Toshali is the capital city of Kalinga near the district. After the Kalinga war, his attitude changed. He took Buddhism, After leaving the journey of Bihar, religion continues to go, The state stopped killing animals everywhere. He left the war policy forever.  He preached equality, friendship, love and brother. He declared 'Sab Munis Paja Mama' and Their goal is to benefit them and the world beyond. Rajuk, Yuta, Mahamatra, Dhammamahamatra appointed the officials of the brothels and special responsibility for them for the benefit of the people. He made the Maurya Empire publicly kindly.

Emperor Asoka's Empire Achievement :

Ashoka won the only Kalinga during his reign. Thus, adding the Kalinga to Chandragupta Maury and Bindusara's empire, the size of the empire of Ashoka is known. From the details of the edicts and historic tourists found in different places of India, it is known that, North Himalayan foothills were extended from Mysore to the south, Brahmaputra to the east, the Arabian Sea to the west and its empire to the Syrian border to the northwest.

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