Maurya Emperor Bindusara History

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- Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Emperor, King, Samrat Bindusara Biography, Achievement and Facts :

Who is Bindusara ?

After Chandragupta's leaving the throne, his son sat on the throne of Bindusara. His title was Non-Violent or Amitraghata. He was in the throne of 298 BC - 273 BC.

About Bindusara Early life :

Bindusara was the son of Chandra Gupta Maurya and his wife Durdhara, the first Maurya Emperor. According to Jainism, Chandragupta Maurya Advisor Chanakya used to make a little anticipation of Chandragupta Maurya in a little bit of his poison in order to make a physical antidote against the attempt to kill poison by the enemy. One day Chandragupta Maurya was sharing his poisonous food with the pregnant Durdhara, Durdhara was killed. To save his son, Kautilya or Chanakya Durdhara cut out the stomach and brought him out. Therefore, Chanakya or Kautilya named him Bindusara, meaning 'the strength of the drop'.

Bindusara Reign :

Historian Upinder Singh estimates that Bindusara ascended the throne around 298 BC.

Bindusara State Triumph :

In the year 298 BC, at the age of twenty-two, he inherited a huge empire of paternalism. The 16th century Tibetan Buddhist author Lama Taranatha states that Chanakya or Kautilya, one of Bindusara  'great lords', destroyed the nobles and kings of 16 towns and made him master of all the territory between the western and the eastern sea or Bay of Bengal.  He extended this empire further on the south and without the state of Kalinga, Chara, Pandya and Chola, he took over the whole of northern India, apart from the whole of South India. During his reign, the residents of Takshashila revolted twice, but it was not possible to suppress it. Ashoka Takshashila suppressed revolted. Second time, Sushima was sent to quell the rebellion, but he failed in the task.

Foreign relations :

Bindusara maintained friendly diplomatic relations with the Greek. Deimachos of Plateia was the ambassador of Seleukas emperor Antiochus I at Bindusara court. Deimachos seems to have written a book titled 'uselessness'. The 3rd century Greek writer Athenaeus, in his Deipnosophistae, mentions an incident that he learned from Hegesander writings 'Bindusara requested Antiochus to send him sweet wine, dried figs and a sophist'. Antiochus replied, he would send the wine and the figs, but the Greek laws forbade him to sell a sophist.

King Bindusara Religion :

Bindusara believes like Azivika religion. His spiritual teacher Pingalavatsa was a Brahmin Azivika. Bindusara wife Subhadrangi Azivika believed in religion. Bindusara, some Brahmanvitta or Brahmin monasteries also meditate.

Competitive Examination Bank, SSC, IPS, PSC, MSC, UPSC, WBCSC Mcq Question :

(Q) What is the name of Bindusara father ?

Ans:- Chandragupta Maurya.

(Q) What is the name of Bindusara Mother ?

Ans:- Durdhara.

(Q) Bindusara belief in which religion?

Ans:- Azivika.

(Q) What was the name of Bindusara Son?

Ans:- Susima, Ashoka, Vitashoka.

(Q) What was the name of Bindusara's wife?

Ans:- Charumittra, Subhadrangi.

(Q) When is the birth and death of Bindusar?

Ans:- 320 BC was born and 273 was dead BC.

(Q) Bindusarara Coronation when?

Ans:- 298 BC.

(Q) Bindusarara reign period ?

Ans:- 298 BC - 273 BC.

(Q) What was the title of Bindusara?

Ans: Non-Violent or Amitraghata or Destroy the enemy.

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