Unity and Diversity in India:

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- Thursday, September 27, 2018
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Unity and Diversity in Ancient India :

Diverse India is a huge country, India is called 'world Summary' for its diversity and its co-existence as well. Despite the huge geographical diversity of the Himalayas and Kanyakumari from the Himalayas and west of the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal, this region has a tremendous geographical diversity and variety, climate, rainfall, organic and plantations, Human, Linguistically and religious diversity, and religion, Regardless of the unimaginable unity among the Indians, historians Vincent Smith Indian civilization 'unity in diversity' called.

A) Geographical Diversity and Unity :

A huge diversity of natural environment in India Since ancient times, the concept of whole India has become clear. This is an amazingly lucrative nature of our India. The mountains, the sea, plain land forest have filled the diversity of the country. All the people of Bishnupuran have been called Bharati's children.

B) Political Diversity and Unity :

Since ancient times, Hindu kings have left an example of unification through accepting the title of Ekatar, Emperor, Birat, Rajchakraktri etc. Again, Ashwamedh, Vajpayee organized the sacrifice of Lord Yagna to promote state unity and their sovereign ideals. During the Mughal and British era, efforts to establish political unity in India were largely successful.

C) Religious Unity and Diversity :

From the point of view of religion, it is seen that an amazing connection of the world's main religions is seen. Meetings of Hindu, Christian, Islam, Jaina, Sikh and Persian religious religions. Various religious beliefs have arisen in India throughout the ages. And in these different religions, ideological harmony is observed. The importance of kindness, truthfulness, tolerance, etc., is given in every religion. On the basis of religion, the use of rituals, dresses and diversity of clothing. Kabir, Nanak, and Ramanuj all talk about equal religion. Puri, Darka, Kashi, Bindaban all the people of the holy shrine land.

D) Linguistically Unity and Diversity :

There is no lack of diversity in India for language. There are 1665 languages in India. But there are 14 national languages ​​in the constitution. In 1968, the main language of Hindi, English and provincial languages ​​was developed in the national education policy. The people of India speak 18 major and many regional languages. One of these languages ​​has an underlying unity tone. Regional languages ​​such as Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Marathi, Gujarati etc. have emerged from the original Hindi language 'Sanskrit'. And regional language of Tamil, Telugu, etc. originated from the original language of South India 'Dravid' language.

E) Cultural Diversity and Unity :

Throughout the ages, different nations enter India with different rituals and culture. From time immemorial, many nations like Greek, Persian, Shock, Kushan, Pallab, Hun, Pathan, Mughal etc. entered into India with different cultures. Over time, their culture mixed with the culture of India, accepting one another's culture.

F) Ideal Diversity and Unity :

Regarding ideological diversity, Haarbert Rijali said that from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari, there is a continuous flow of tidal flow in Indian way of life. Life is different, religious people are also different, despite it, Durga Utsab, Christmas, Dipablali, Dasera, Buddha Purnima, Janmastami, Mahorma Brahmati perform.

G) Population Diversity and Unity :

Biraj Sankar Guha speaks of 6 people in his book 'The Racial Affinities of Indian population' Namely, Negrito, Nordic, Mitterturnian, Protostolide, Bracky Syphilus, Mangalode. Historical Smith calls Bharatabarsha as 'Jadhughar of Nrityata' for this community group.
Reading: Robert Clive Biography and politics.

H) Assessment :

So diversity and unity are the main unity of Indian life style. Historic smith said the hearts of Indians in the heart and love of a kind. According to Radhakrishnan, Indian unity is like a beautiful coherence of mosaics of different colored stones.
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