Emergence of harappan civilization

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- Sunday, August 26, 2018
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Indus Valley Civilisation: Origin, Evolution and Emergence information:

*** There are differences among scholars about who were the creators of Harappa culture. According to many, the Vedic Aryan nation is the creator of this civilization. So we have to assume that the Aryans entered India 3000 years before Christ's birth. But historians do not believe in this way. Besides, there was a difference between the rural Aryan civilization, the urban Indus Valley Civilization. So Marshall commented that Vedic civilization did not just change than the Indus Civilization, but completely exotic.

Sumerians Nations doctrine :

*** A group of scholars thought Sumerians to be Harpar's creator. According to them there was a close match between the two cultures, Arguably argued in support of themselves. Wheeler said Harappa civilization owed to Sumerian civilization. According to him, this civilization is foreign, so it is only limited to north-west. Marshall thinks, No foreign impact, Local Culture Harappa is the creator of civilization. Byasam said, those who built Harappa cities were residents of the Indus valley. The people of Harappa civilization were completely domestic. Again many people have spoken of Ashur, Nag, Slave, Brat, and the Harmit nations. But historians have no evidence about this.

Dravid Nations doctrine:

*** Most historians believe that Dravidians are the creators of Harappa culture. They argued that Dravid's race in the pre-Aryan era dominated the whole of India. These two societies had special mergence with religion. Dravidians worshiped Shiva, Shakti, Linga and Vaginal as Sindh civilization.  The ancient Tamil alphabet with Sindhu-Edicts was similar. The Rigveda has said that the Aryans defeated the non-discriminating nation. Probably this race is Dravid. Historian Jaya Filoza said, <b>Munda and Dravid were the main people of India in the Pre-Aryan era.</b>Munda did not have any culture. So Dravidians are the creators of Harappa civilization. Of course there is no reason to argue with this opinion. In the Dravidian nation, there were customs of dead bodies. <B> The Dravidian nation was a civilian and carrier in South India </ b> So if they were the creator of Harappa culture, then similar patterns could be found in southern India, in the patterns found in the Indus Valley region. But nothing has been found so far. So this is not acceptable like this.

Aryan race doctrine:

*** Many think that the Aryans are not external, They had their origin in this terrain. Later, after the Harappan civilization was discovered, this civilization was considered to be fabricated for a while. Therefore, Aryan claims to be the creator of Harappa civilization. Many people like this refuse. According to them, there was considerable difference between the two societies. Marshal said that Indus civilization is ancient and different than Aryan civilization. The Aryans were rural. They knew the use of iron, copper, gold and horses, On the other hand, Harappa civilization is urban centric. They did not know how to use copper, iron, gold, and horses. Sindhu used to worship Shiva and Maternal, These were condemnable and minor to the Aryans. Harappa civilization was a center of trade and industry and Arya civilization was based on animal husbandry and agriculture. For these reasons, he rejected the Aryan claim.

Mixed race doctrine :

*** From the above discussion, it can be said that whoever is the creator of Harappa culture, or who is the most acceptable decision about this, is not yet available. However, the scalp found in the Indus Valley region was found, they were tested by the Pandits, where there were 4 people living here. They are pre-astalued, alpine, Mongolia and Mediterranean. Skeletons are so few that they can not be conclusions from them. Therefore, it is said that Harappa was not created by any particular ethnic group. This culture has been developed by the efforts of different nationalities.

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