100 Ancient Indian History Quiz Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers (MCQs) on Ancient Indian History for General Studies and GK preparation of SSC, MSC, Group – D, Tet, Net, NDA, Central Board, CDS, UPSC, UPPSC and State PSC Examinations.

Ancient Indian History Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the meaning of the word Harappa?
2. What is the meaning of the word Mohenjodaro?
3. Who was the first to use the word Indus civilization?
4. What colours did the Indus people use?
5. Where was the first signboard of Indus civilization found?
6. What was not found in the Indus Valley Civilization?
7. Who called Pashupati Shiva Adi Shiva?
8. Sudas was the king of which tribe?
9. What was the main occupation of the Aryans?
10. Which sage spread Aryan civilization in South India?
11. Who is the author of Gayatri Mantra?
12. Who was the god of the river in the Vedic age?
13. What was the earlier name of Mahavira?
14. How many Tirthankars were there in Jainism?
15. Who is first Tirthankar of Jainism?
16. What are the names of the two communities of Jainism?
17. Who called Lord Buddha the Light of Asia?
18. What was the name of Gautam Buddha’s horse?
19. Who wrote the Buddhacarita?
20. Which river is called the heart of Magadha?
21. Who was the first king of Magadha?
22. What is the old name of patliputra?
23. Which son of Ashoka established an independent state in Kashmir?
24. Who was the leader of Svetambara?
25. Who was the religious teacher of Chandragupta?
26. Who is called the Indian Machiavelli?
27. Which script was introduced in south India by Ashoka?
28. Who was the first historical emperor of India?
29. Who wrote Arthashastra?
30. Who was the last Mauryan emperor?
31. Who reads the first time Ashoka inscription?
32. Ajatashatru belonged to which dynasty?
33. Who was the founder of the Nanda dynasty?
34. Who was the last king of Nanda Dynasty?
35. Who was known as kunik?
36. What is the capital of bimbisara?
37. Who is called Etila of India?
38. Who defeated Mihirakula?
39. Who composed Allahabad pillar inscription?
40. Who has the title of kaviraja?
41. Who was the founder of Gupta dynasty?
42. Who was the last king of Gupta dynasty?
43. Who built Nalanda University?
44. Who was Samudragupta court poet?
45. Who is called Napoleon of India?
46. Who founded the city of Ramavati?
47. Who is the founder of Sena dynasty?
48. Who was the first elected King of Bengal?
49. Who is the last king of Sen dynasty?
50. Who was the last Rashtrakuta King?
51. Who wrote Dansagar and Adbhut Sagar?
52. Who was the famous king of Rashtrakutas?
53. Who was the court poet of Ballal Sen?
54. Who took the title of Adivaraha?
55. What is the capital of Rashtrakuta?
56. What was the title given to Mihir Bhoja?
57. What is the old name of Bengal?
58. What is the capital of Hunas?
(A) Sialkot
59. What is the name of Kalidas wife?
(B) Vidyottamā

60. Who has written Meghdoot?
(C) Kalidas

61. Who wrote Nitisara?
(D) Kamandaka

62. What is the name of Gautama Buddha’s mother?
(A) Maha Maya

63. What is the name of Gautama Buddha’s wife?
(B) Yashodhara

64. What is name of Gautam Buddha son?
(C) Rahul

65. Where did Gautama Buddha give his first sermon?
(D) Sarnath

66. Who was the founder of the Pala dynasty?
(A) Gopala

67. Who was the most able ruler of Pala dynasty?
(B) Devpala

68. Who is the father of Ashoka?
(C) Bindusara

69. What is the number of Upanishads?
(D) 108

70. Who was the proponent of Yoga Philosophy?
(D) Patanjali

71. Which Vedic texts are known as forest books?
(C) Aranyaka

72. Who have written the Vedas?
(B) Vyasa

73. How many days did Ashoka give time for the criminals to apply?

74. When was the first espionage in the history of India started?

75. What is Chanakya known as?

76. What is the other name of Bindusara?

77. Who was the last ruler of Sisunaga dynasty?

78. What is the capital of Shishunaga dynasty?
(A) Rajgir (B)

79. Which three dynasties fought the tripartite battle?
(B) Pratihara Empire, Pala Empire and Rashtrakuta Empire

80. Who is the founder of Kalachuri dynasty?
(A) Kokalla I

81. What was the symbol of Gupta empire?
(D) Garuda

82. Who was the fourth ruler of Gupta dynasty?
(C) Samudra Gupta

83. How many years Hiuen Tsang stayed in India?
(B) Fourteen Years

84. When did Fa Hien came to India?
(A) 399 A.D.

85. Who ruled during the Golden Age of India?
(D) Gupta Empire

86. Who is the writer of Surya Siddhanta?
(C) Aryabhata

87. Who is the son of Porus King?
(B) Malyketu

88. Who is the writer of Mudrarakshasa?
(A) Vishakhadatta

89. What is the original name of Shashanka?
(C) Narendraditya

90. Who was the founder of Sen dynasty?
(B) Samanta Sena

91. Which is the oldest port of Bengal?(A) Tamralipta

92. Where was the capital of Vijay Sen in East Bengal?
(D) Vikramapura

93. Pratihara Nagabhatta was defeated by whom?
(A) Dhruva Dharavarsha (B) Krishna III (C) Dantidurga (D) Amoghavarsha

94. Where was Atish Dipankar born?
(A) Kannauj (B) Bikrampur (C) Pataliputra (D) Indraprastha

95. Who destroyed vikramshila?
(A) Bakhtiyar Khilji (B) Alauddin Khilji (C) Muhammad Bin Tughluq (D) Sultan Mahmud

96. Who was the greatest ruler of Pala dynasty?
(A) Madanapala (B) Narayanapala (C) Dharmapala (D) Govindapala

97. Who composed the Deopara Prashasti?
(A) Dhoyi (B) Govardhana (C) Sarana (D) Umapati Dhara

98. Who wrote Vijay Prasasti?
(A) Umapati Dhara (B) Govardhana (C) Sarana (D) Jayadeva

99. Who established Sompur Bihar?
(A) Devapala (B) Dharmapala (C) Mahendrapala (D) Gopala

100. Who is the founder of Odantapuri University?
(A) Dharmapala (B) Devapala (C) Mahendrapala (D) Gopala